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Live GPS Tracking

Datablaze offers a complete end-to-end solution for vehicle gps tracking and much more.


Datablaze specializes in custom software development and integrations. Bringing the perfect solution to each customer.

Data Services

Datablaze offers direct data services with the carriers you trust.

Datablaze offers complete fleet visibility with TechTrack. Dispatch and manage technicians while knowing exactly where they are at all times.

Re-assign and Dispatch

Drag and drop service calls, 2-way ERP integrations, easily dispatch drivers, and send driver messages.

Vehicle and Cost Management

Meaningful data, custom filtering, report subscriptions, reporting customized for each client.

All star support team

Multiple support options allow users to connect with our top notch support staff easily.

Custom Development

We realize that most of our customers have a need for something specific that the industry does not offer.

Amazing Reports

Datablaze offers every report you can possibly dream of. We also offer custom report requests.

Tired of digging through data to find the information you need? Dig no more! We offer subscriptions that send the reports you need directly to your inbox.

Custom Filtering

Filter reports by drivers, groups, dates, and more. Input specific filters that make sense for you and your business.

Report Subscriptions

Any report you need, at any rate you need. Get the reports you want without the hassle of downloading daily. Report Subscriptions put the reports you need directly in your inbox.

Custom Reports

Don't see a report that makes life easier for you? No problem, tell us what you need in your dream report, we'll make it!


The BlackHawk 2.0 is a powerful mini GPS tracker designed for tracking anything, anywhere. It even saves up to 10,000 locations while out of cellular coverage.

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Live Tracking

Datablaze offers live tracking, accessible from any device with web access. Know where your assets are at all times.

BlackHawk VZW

The first mini GPS tracker on America's Most Reliable Network. This brand-new GPS tracking device uses the CDMA network to transmit data.

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The NightOWL is an economical, full-featured vehicle tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation in automobiles.

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Verizon Wireless Partner

Datablaze has partnered with Verizon Wireless to provide cutting-edge fleet management and GPS tracking technology with the best cellular coverage available. Get the best in fleet tracking on America’s largest, most reliable network.

VXT 500

Track your fleet in real-time from anywhere with internet access! Create geo-fences, setup notifications, and watch your vehicles Live Tracking on the map.

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About us

  • Startup in the M2M Space

    For 11 years Datablaze has been innovating new applications in remote monitoring and the M2M industry worldwide.

  • Development

    Datablaze specializes in custom development in many industries. We tend to go for the most exciting projects we can find.

  • Cool Stuff

    We have developed and enabled wireless products such as mini gps tracking devices in many markets including Security and Surveillance, GPS Tracking, Fleet Management, Irrigation, Waste Water, Gas, Oil and Electric Utilities.

  • GPS Tracking

    Datablaze has been in the GPS tracking industry for many years. We have found that a solid product, excellent software, and a winning support team creates the perfect solution for multiple industries.

  • Customers

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