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In today’s business climate, it’s more important than ever to leverage technology to help you get ahead. GPS tracking technology is just one more opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. How? While there are many ways for a company to use GPS trackers, we’ll focus on the top 4 reasons to make this technology a part of your business today! CUT OPERATING EXPENSES The obvious benefit to fleet managers is improved route planning. By pinpointing your vehicles and personnel, you’ll be able to get a better view of how their day is actually spent. By using a graphical map interface, managers can see where the vehicle went throughout the day, giving them a chance to improve tomorrow’s delivery or service times. Which leads to the next topic…customer service! CUSTOMER SERVICE Nothing shows a customer how important they are like being on time. If you’ve had difficulty in the past meeting deadlines, adding a GPS tracking system may be just what you need to improve your efficiency. As a business owner or manager, you don’t intentionally disappoint customers by being late. It’s likely that you just don’t know where the improvement areas lie. Now you will! FIND YOUR VALUABLE ASSETS Transporting assets is an enormous responsibility. Adding GPS trackers to sensitive or expensive loads will help you rest easier knowing exactly where that load is always. Not only can the load be pricey, the cost of that truck or trailer is often more than the load they’re carrying. Not to mention the lost work you’d experience if you didn’t have your truck or trailer. SET BOUNDARIES While this may sound a little harsh, we’re talking about physical boundaries, or Geo-Fences. Even the most dependable employees will stray from time-to-time while on company time. Given the fact that “knowledge is power”, you’ll have the knowledge of exactly where your vehicle/employee has been and how long they’ve been there. Simply set a Geo-Fence around an area and you’ll be alerted as to when a vehicle leaves or enters that space. You can then determine if it’s excessive or not. Again, knowledge is power!

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